Antonio Mercero Santos (Madrid, 1969) has a degree in journalism. Between 1990 and 1992 he worked for the LID and FAX PRESS news agencies headed by Spanish journalist and writer Manu Leguineche and he was a contributor to La Gaceta de los Negocios in New York. 

In 1994 he started working as a script writer for the hit Spanish TV series Farmacia de Guardia. Since then, he has written scripts for other successful Spanish series such as Hospital CentralLobosMIR and Siete días al desnudo
He also wrote the miniseries El pacto, directed by Fernando Colomo, and El Rey, directed by Norberto López Amado. 

He collaborated in the screenplay for the film La vergüenza, directed by David Planell, and co-scripted two films by Gracia Querejeta, Quince años y un día and Felices 140

He has published two novels, La cuarta muerte (Espasa, 2012) and La vida desatenta (DeBolsillo, 2014). 

El final del hombre (The End of Men) is the first in a detective series featuring lead character Carlos Luna, a police officer who becomes Sofía Luna after a sex-change operation. The book has been published by Alfaguara Negra in September 2017.

The second book of this detective series, entitled El caso de las japonesas muertas (The case of the Japanese Deadwomen), was published by Alfaguara Negra the 4th October 2018.

More information in Alfaguara's website


Antonio Martínez Asensio was born in Madrid in 1964. Soon after graduating from the Autonomous University of Madrid with a degree in Spanish philology, he began to work in television, public (TVE, Telemadrid) and private (Tele5, Canal+, Intereconomía), as well as for a number of independent producers.

He has reviewed books for programmes such as ‘Agosto en la Onda’, ‘Herrera en la Onda’, ‘Radio Estadio’, ‘Al Primer Toque’ and ‘Te Doy mi Palabra’.

He has written screenplays for television series and movies. He authors a blog on books entitled ‘Tiempo de silencio’ [time for silence] on the Antena3 website ( and is working on several TV projects.

He directs the radio programme ‘Literatura y Compañía’ for Gestiona Radio.

Antonio Martínez Asensio’s book ¡Mi mujer está embarazada! was published in Italy by Aísara under the title Oddio! Mia moglie è incita! The same publishers released his novel En soledad.





Can there be anything worse than going back to live with your parents at the age of 50 because you’re unemployed and recently divorced? Yes: that your father doesn’t want you there. 

That’s the plight awaiting Alberto, fruit of the economic crisis and his own mistakes, who has no choice but to go to his parents for help. 

Paquita receives him with open arms but Juan with claws bared. Alberto’s intrusion prompts an upheaval in this octogenarian couple, accustomed to their uneventful daily routine and with very different attitudes toward their son and his troubles. Compulsory co-existence forces them to re-discover one another and re-open old wounds festering in the divide between father and son, ultimately disclosing a family secret in which Paquita’s role was not wholly innocent. 

They may eventually recover family harmony, but only after living in the jungle for a full year. 

No family has it easy!