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Michele Riml is a critically acclaimed playwright from Vancouver, British Columbia. Michele began writing at 17, when her first play Souvenirs (short version) won first place in The BC Young Playwrights Search. She has since gone on to write 14 more plays, which have been widely produced.  Her plays include Under the InfluencePoster BoysRAGE, Souvenirs (full length)On the Edge, The Amaryllis, Sexy Laundry, Miss Teen and Henry and Alice: Into the Wild, the sequel to Sexy Laundry.

Sexy Laundry and Henry and Alice: Into the Wild have become international hits with ongoing productions in Canada, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Lithuania, Slovenia, New Zealand, Iceland, Mexico, and the USA. Sexy Laundry has been translated into seven languages and is published by Playwrights Canada Press.

Michele is a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a degree in Fine and Performing Arts and in 2008 she was nominated for Canada’s prestigious Siminovitch Prize. Recently her play Miss Teen premiered at Stages West in Houston, Texas.  Her newest full length play will be “In the Garden with Emerson” which she is currently writing with the assistance of a playwright’s residency at the Stratford Theatre Festival in Ontario.

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(1 woman, 1 man)

Henry and Alice have been married for 25 years and are trying to find a way to spice up their dormant marriage with a weekend in a swanky hotel room. Alice brings a copy of ‘Sex for Dummies’ and a willingness to try new things. Henry brings only his bad attitude. They share their fantasies, exchange recriminations, and take turns confessing the details of their personal midlife crises as the play moves from comic to serious and back to comic again.