Antonio Martínez Asensio was born in Madrid in 1964. Soon after graduating from the Autonomous University of Madrid with a degree in Spanish philology, he began to work in television, public (TVE, Telemadrid) and private (Tele5, Intereconomía, Canal+, ), as well as for a number of independent producers.

He has reviewed books for programmes such as ‘Agosto en la Onda’, ‘Herrera en la Onda’, ‘Radio Estadio’, ‘Al Primer Toque’ and ‘Te Doy mi Palabra’.

He has written screenplays for television series and movies.
He authors a blog on books entitled ‘Tiempo de silencio’ on the Antena3 website ( and is working on several TV projects.

He directs the radio programme ‘Literatura y Compañía’ for Gestiona Radio.

Antonio Martínez Asensio’s book ¡Mi mujer está embarazada! was published in Italy by Aisara under the title (Oddio! Mia moglie è incita!). The same publishers released his novel En soledad.



En soledad (Aisara, 2013) 

A man thinks he recognises a prostitute he frequented years ago. He takes her home and offers her a full-time job working exclusively for him. The terms are that she lives with him and has a relationship where love is not involved, where there is no room for compromise or complicity, a relationship that goes no deeper than sex.
And so begins a journey to the innermost being of both characters, a journey towards solitude and hope, towards salvation, guilt and memory, towards missed opportunities and mistakes.
Living in a magnificent villa in the Sierra, surrounded by all the home comforts, there is only one place that is out of bounds to her, and that place houses secrets and surprises, the reasons for their relationship and for many others, and where she too finds the reason for her own life.



¡Mi mujer está embarazada! (Grand Guignol 2006)

Countless books have been written for mothers-to-be, but here at last is a long overdue book about parenthood, written by a man for fathers-to-be.
Women find an answer to absolutely everything, or almost everything, in such books. Men, on the other hand, have to survive in lonely, uncharted waters from the time they hear they are to be a father. It is a world full of surprises (good and bad), doubts (which they are sometimes hesitant about airing), changes (family, social, sexual and financial) and fears (will they get to the hospital on time, or will the baby be born in the car?).
From the time the future father hears the happy tidings until the baby is actually born, Antonio Martínez Asensio relates the myriad feelings of men during the nine-month wait, looking at their relationship with their partner, their parents and in-laws, their friends, the gynaecologist, midwife and nurses, and, of course, the child they’re not carrying. 

Funny and tender, this book will make you laugh, it will give you food for thought and it will help you to understand many things. It will also teach you some tricks to stop playing a secondary role in an adventure where, till now, women have reigned supreme.



Published in Italy, by Aisara:  Oddio! Mia moglie è incinta! (2009)