Iñaki Martín Velasco (San Fernando, Cádiz, 1971) has a degree in Business and a Master’s degree in Business Management. 

He has held numerous executive positions in technology and telecommunication multinationals. 

He has written short stories, tales and novels. 

His first novel is La clave Némesis . He is writing the second part, called Efecto Fohen.




La clave Némesis (Almuzara, February 2018)

A man hanged with clear signs of torture is found in a retirement home. The victim is an old Serbian army officer responsible of all kinds of atrocities during the war in Bosnia. Next to the body there is a daffodil.  Denis Martel, a French inspector from Interpol is assigned to the case. 

In parallel the story follows the life of Adrian Seaten, an American billionaire, and Laura, an employee in his advertisement agency. They get into an accident and fall in a lost creek. Then two mysterious characters rescue then and lock them against their will. 

By means of a flashback, we are now set to Adrian’s college period at Harvard where three of his friends and him celebrate their graduation with alcohol and drugs.