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Isabella Santo Domingo (1968, Colombia) is a writer, playwright, TV hostess, journalist and actress.
As a journalist she was editor-in-chief for Shock magazine and her press articles and columns have been published in Ecuador, Panama, Dominican Republic and the U.S.

She has acted in a number of soap operas and films such as the Colombian version of Survivor (Desafío, 2004).

In 2010, CANAL Caracol, in conjunction with Sony Channel , launched a series entitled Los caballeros las prefieren brutas [Gentlemen prefer dummies] based on the eponymous best-seller. Isabella Santo Domingo authored the script for the four seasons it was aired as well as the screenplays for two short films: Violet is blue and Hello God.

Santo Domingo also scripted two Canal RCN miniseries: Cara o Sello [heads or tails] and Victoria, the latter the winner of the Simón Bolívar Prize for the best national miniseries.


In addition to her best-selling Los caballeros las prefieren brutas (Penguin Random House, Spain, 2010), which has sold over 500 000 copies worldwide, her literary accomplishments include books such as De la ruptura a la sutura [from rupture to suture], A.M/F.M (Ediciones B, Spain, 2011 and 2012), and Sexorcismo (Planeta Colombia, 2013).

Isabella Santo Domingo has won a number of awards for her work as writer and actress, most prominently the Simón Bolívar Prize, the TVyNovelas Prize, the Mara Internacional Prize, the India Catalina Prize and Spain’s Midia Prize for best actress.

She has also been nominated for ‘Woman of the Year’ by Calvin Klein, and ALÓ, Fucsia and Cromos magazines.

She is presently on tour in Latin America and the United States with Los caballeros las prefieren brutas, while putting the finishing touches on a monologue based on her novel Sexorcismo and writing the play Frustr-Hadas [Frust-Hated].


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Los caballeros las prefieren brutas (Gentlemen prefer dummies)
Penguin Random House, Spain, 2010
500 000 copies sold!

‘Acting as if you’re daft is the only way to make living with a partner work for you. Throughout history men have mastered the strategy of acting useless to get their way, so I don’t see why, in our struggle for equality, we don’t start to adopt their methods.’

This book is a treasure chest of surprises. Not only is it hilariously funny, it invites us to reflect on things that matter to today’s women and, apparently, to today’s men: the utility of marriage, the state-of-play of the war of the sexes, male chauvinism motivated by self interest and many others, broached with the ingenuity and depth so characteristic of this attractive and talented writer.

Complex, provocative, controversial and irreverent, the book is above all indispensable for women’s self-understanding and acquisition of the ability to act accordingly. By way of added value, its male readers can leaf through its pages as eager eavesdroppers.

In 2010,  Sony Channel launched a series entitled Los caballeros las prefieren brutas based on the eponymous best-seller.

This book or manual is only for readers with a good measure of tolerance and a keen sense of humour.


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De la ruptura a la sutura (From rutpure to suture)
Ediciones B, 2011

Isabella Santo Domingo presents, in a fun way, with humor and much irony, the different phases of the emotional disaster called "spite". She warns us and teaches us to decipher the "signals" that they send us so that the rupture does not take us unprepared, so that the disappointment does not last so much or be so disastrous. She knows what she is talking about and is able to laugh at herself by remembering the mistakes she has made.

"From rupture to suture" is a surprising book for all those who have gone through, or are going through, a great amorous disappointment. And for all those wonderful people committed to helping us heal... An unusual manual to get out of spite. The key is knowing how to read the signs: Why is a relationship ending? How do you know they want to get out of that relationship? Pythoness in a Two by Three! What they say, what they really mean!

"Since that time I also learned that ruptures hurt like nothing, but that is even sadder, when through punctures in the heart, small but frequent, we slowly bleed," says Isabella Santo Domingo.


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AM/FM ¿Felizmente casada o asalariada de mierda? (Happily maintained or fucking salaried?)
Ediciones B, Spain, 2012

A reflection on the reasons which impede the modern woman living in a full and satisfactory way. A real treatise, with the humor as a carrier, about the kind of women that exist: those who receive a salary (generally not enough), those who go to the gym, those who are in fashion, those who hook up in bars (or where they can), those who live by themselves, just like those who prefer having a husband and children, attending their school obligations, taking care and organizing the house, meeting their friends (when they can), filling the pantry and staying beauty, so no single woman steals their husband from them.

One of the great virtues of "AM / FM: happily maintained or fucking salaried?" it is its versatility. You can read in chronological order or in fragments, and the speech does not lose its intensity. It can be read as a parody, a catharsis and as an act of contrition.

The irony, poignancy and reflection in a surprising tone and rhythm lead us to delve into and to laugh about the behaviors of couples between men and women, besides providing a lucid vision, of each gender individually.


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Sexorcismo (Sexorcism)
Planeta Colombia, 2013

With high dosis of stark frankness, others of humor and very practical advices, Isabella Santodomingo proposes 17 steps to free yourself from sexual dependence, but still enjoying having sex.
According to Isabella, at the end of this Sexorcism “you will be able to land in the difficult field of relationships. For example, you will be able to identify who is connected to you, and who just pretends to have a good time at the expense of your hopes”.

One of the things that the author wants to be discovered, after reading the novel, is that when love hurts and causes suffering is not love. For that, Isabella waits that “after making this therapy, you will never surrender to any idiot charms and sacrify your dignity for any brute”.