Highly esteemed sculptor and artist Louis Slobodkin from New York City was also a prolific children’s book writer and illustrator. A precocious teenager, he left high school early to attend the Beaux-Arts Institute of Design in New York City. 

Slobodkin was nearly forty when he illustrated his first children’s book, but his output thereafter was prodigious, illustrating almost ninety books in his lifetime, more than half of which he penned. Slobodkin won the Caldecott Medal in 1944 and the Newberry Honor Book in 1945.

Slobodkin’s wife, Florence Slobodkin, was also a children’s book writer who shared his love of words, beauty and humor. Together they produced five books, including Too Many Mittens in 1958 based on the couple’s twin grandsons and their lost red mittens. 

The Slobodkin’s enjoyed travelling around the world and these travels inspired engaging stories from exotic lands such as Moon Blossom and the Golden PennyThe Late Cuckoo and others.

Louis Slobodkin's wonderful books were never published outside the USA, but they have been recently rediscovered by some prestigious publishers in Germany and Asia. And there is growing interest in his work from the cinematic world too. 

Taschen Verlag chose Too Many Mittens for their Winter Tales Book published in five languages in September 2014. 




Louis Slobodkin’s illustrations for which he won the coveted Caldecott Medal and the Newberry Award, range from vivid action sketches to beautiful, gentle pastel wonderlands. 

They always are the perfect fit for his own wonderful books or the charming stories of his wife, Florence Slobodkin. 

FILM & TV RIGHTS for "The Space Ship Series" 
sold to March Hill Productions LLC & Honest Engine Films (2016)
The Space Ship under the Apple Tree
The Space Ship Returns to the Apple Tree
The Three-Seated Space Ship
Round Trip Space Ship
The Space Ship in the Park

ENGLISH RIGHTS sold in USA to DOVER (2016) 
Too many mittens
A good place to hide
The Little Mermaid Who Could Not Sing
Hustle & Bustle
Magic Michael
Millions and Millions and Millions
The Magic Fishbone

Too many mittens
One is good but two are better
Excuse me, certainly
The Cow Boy Twins
Thank you, you’re welcome
Nomi and the Lovely animals
Magic Michael
Clear the Track
The Space Ship under the Apple Tree
The Space Ship Returns to the Apple Tree
The Three-Seated Space Ship
Round Trip Space Ship
The Space Ship in the Park
Mr. Papadilly and Willy
Mr. Petersand's Cats
The late Cuckoo
Moon Blossom & the Golden Penny
Sarah Somebody
The little mermaid who could not sing
Colette and the Princess
The Amiable Giant
Picco the sad Italian pony
Luigi and the long-nosed soldier
The Polka-dot coat
GoGo the French Sea Gull
Melvin the moose child

KOREAN rights sold to BIR (2016) 
Too many mittens

ROMANIAN rights sold to EDITURA ART (2106) 
The Amiable Giant
The Spaceship under the Apple Tree
A Good Place to Hide

GERMAN rights sold to DIOGENES VERLAG (2105) 
The Wide-Awake Owl
One is Good but Two are Better

JAPANESE rights sold:
The Amiable Giant, Tokuma Shoten, 2014
Mr. Petersand’s Cats and Kittens, Asunaro Shobo, 2014
Nomi and the Lovely Animals, Kaise-sha, 2013
The Wide-Awake Owl, Kaisei-sha, 2013
One is Good but Two are Better, Kaisei-sha, 2013
Two Many Mittens, Kaisei-sha, 2012
The Late Cuckoo, Kaisei-sha, 2012
A Good Place to Hide, Kaisei-sha, 2012
The Spaceship under the Apple Tree, Gaken Publishing, 2011
Many Moons, Tokuma Shoten, 2010

TAIWANESE rights sold :
Two Many Mittens, Abula Press, 2014
The Wide Awake Owl, Abula Press, 2014
A Good Place to Hide, Abula Press 2013
The Late Cuckoo, Abula Press 2013